Show Halters

Show Halters

Choosing your show halter
BKM Designs Cable Show Halters
Lilac Meadows Miniature Horses is proud to offer you a large selection of customizable halters to bring out the grace and beauty in your miniature horse or pony in the show ring.
Cable halters are made with 14k gold-filled or sterling silver beads, highlighted with glass beads available in the following colors: Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Purple, Hunter Green, Teal, Orange.

The Patent Nose is intricately layered using three colors of leather and individually hand-sewn.

The Bar Nose features a hand-crafted, delicately styled solid silver bar over a hand-sewn biothane base.

The Cable Nose may be a basic coated-cable or a complementary pattern of beads to match the sides.

All our Halters and Accessories are ordered and made to our customer's specifications. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for shipping.

Classic Cable Nose Halters

Adorn your horse with our classic in demand beaded halters by choosing silver or gold beadwork and a brilliant accent color or choose from cable designs with the timeless look of silver, gold or mixed filagree that sparkles as your horse moves.
Starting at $55.00
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Traditional Bar Nose Cable Halters

These ever-popular styles stand firm as fads come and go. Personalize your halter with choices of filagree color and a variety of nosebands.
Starting at $119.00
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Beautiful and Versatile Patent Nose Cable Halters

Metallic patent leather nosebands set off with beautiful glass beads, rhinestone rondelles, silver and gold beads, or sparkling filagree. Customize your halter to bring out your horses winning potential.
Starting at $115.00
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Rolled Leather Show Halters

This delicately rolled halter with beautifully finished sides and flat nose sparkles with a finely tooled silver bar. Package includes chin chain, keeper, and 5' lead with snap. Chose from gold, silver or mixed bar. Black with chrome or brass hardware.
Starting at $125.00
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